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UNDP_CEMA Study on Poverty of Ethnic Groups in Vietnam in the past 5 years

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Ha Noi, 21 December 2012 – The poverty rate among ethnic minority groups in Viet Nam has fallen by eight percent over the past five years. Among the H’Mong ethnic minority group poverty fell by 24.3 percent. This is one of the conclusions in a new report analyzing the impacts of Programme 135, phase II, the national poverty reduction programme. The report highlights the key outcomes and impacts of Programme 135-II, including on issues such as living standards, housing conditions, access to electricity and quality of life of targeted households

More at: http://www.un.org.vn/en/feature-articles-press-centre-submenu-252/2432-poverty-rate-among-ethnic-minority-groups-reduced-by-8-over-five-years-says-latest-survey.html

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