ABCD Workshop at An Giang University,2007

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Training workshop on Asset Based and Community driven development (ABCD), at An Giang University, December 2007

With support from Ford Foundation International Fellowship Program (IFP) and sponsored by the Center for Educational Exchange with Vietnam, 25 IFP Alumni  from Vietnam and Thailand, and 5 local activists had favorable condition to take part in the training workshop in Asset Based and Community Driven Development, held at An Giang University, from December 2 to December 8, 2007.


Training facilitators are Mr. Gord Cunningham, Mrs. Lucie Goulet from Coady International Institute, Canada; and Mr. Nguyen Duc Vinh, Researcher, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Mrs. Dinh Thi Vinh, Senior Officer, MCC.


At the workshop, the participants not only updated information and experiences in asset based and community driven development but also practice skills using tools and methods of inspiration, motivation and mobilization such as Appreciative Inquiry, Purposeful Reconnaissance, Identifying assets and opportunities,  Mapping Associations, Mapping Social Capital and Social Networks, Mapping Individual Skills and Capacities, Mapping Physical Assets and Natural Resources, Identifying economic opportunities ,  Linking and Mobilizing Assets, Sustaining the process, etc.

Moreover, the IFP Alumni visited the Khai Tri Residential School in Phu Hoa village, Thoai Son district, An Giang province. The participants shared and exchange with the local people information and experiences in asset based and community driven development. At the end of the workshop, the IFP Alumni organized a traditional cultural festival night. At the festival night, all of participant danced, singed and play-acting for summarising all lessons gained from the training. After the training, the Vietnam IFP Alumni understand that the participatory approaches and ABCD is very helpful for poverty reduction in Vietnam. Some VN IFP Alumni in the South translated and compiled the training handout into Vietnamese. The Vietnam IFP group in the North shared the lessons gained from the ABCD training with other colleagues in their organization. With support from CEEVN and other NGOs, the Vietnam Northern IFP group will organize a training workshop on sharing ABCD with local researchers and local authorities at Hong Duc University in Thanh Hoa province, from April 12 to April15, 2008; and will organize a training workshop on sharing experiences in ABCD with senior students at the University of Tay Bac, in Lao Cai province in August 10-13, 2008.
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